Accepted Full Papers

06 Visual Confusion Recognition in Movement Patterns from Walking Path and Motion Energy

Yan Zhang, Georg Layher, Steffen Walter, Viktor Kessler and Heiko Neumann

18 Attribute-Based Encryption For Preserving Smart Home Data Privacy

Rasel Chowdhury, Hakima Ould Slimane, Chamseddine Talhi and Mohamed Cheriet

40 Unhealthy dietary behavior based user life-log monitoring for wellness services

Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal and Sungyoung Lee

43 Generating Bayesian Network Structures for Self-Diagnosis of Sensor Networks in The Context of Ambient Assisted Living for Aging Well

Camila Helena Souza Oliveira, Sylvain Giroux, Hubert Ngankam and Hélène Pigot

08 Novel Unobtrusive Approach for Sleep Monitoring Using Fiber Optics in an Ambient Assisted Living Platform

Ibrahim Sadek, Joaquim Bellmunt, Martin Kodyš, Bessam Abdulrazak and Mounir Mokhtari

15 Smart Assistive Technologies to enhance Well-being of elderly people and promote Inclusive Communities

Rebeca I. García-Betances, María Fernanda Cabrera-Umpiérrez, Juan Bautista Montalvá Colomer, Miguel Páramo Castrillo, Javier Chamorro Mata and María Teresa Arredondo

16 High Fidelity Simulation and Visualization of Activities of Daily Living in Persim 3D

Sirui Liu, Sumi Helal and Jae Woong Lee

48 AR-Alarm:An Adaptive and Robust Intrusion Detection System Leveraging CSI from Commodity Wi-Fi

Shengjie Li, Xiang Li, Kai Niu, Hao Wang, Yue Zhang and Daqing Zhang

42 Mining user experience dimensions from mental illness apps

Jamil Hussain and Sungyoung Lee

44 Unobtrusive Technological Approach for Continuous Behavior Change Detection toward Better Adaptation of Clinical Assessments and Interventions for Elderly People

Firas Kaddachi, Hamdi Aloulou, Bessam Abdulrazak, Philippe Fraisse and Mounir Mokhtari

38 Proof of Concept Evaluation Study for an Intelligent Oven

Susan Reid, Bessam Abdulrazak and Monica Alas

41 Life-Support System for Elderly as Assistance in Independent Living

Denis Žele, Nadja Jurančič, Ines Kožuh and Matjaž Debevc

21 Intent-Context Fusioning in Healthcare Dialogue-based Systems using JDL Model

Muhammad Asif Razzaq and Sungyoung Lee

22 Activity Recognition Enhancement Based on Ground-truth: Introducing a New Method Including Accuracy and Granularity Metrics

Hamdi Aloulou, Romain Endelin, Mounir Mokhtari, Bessam Abdulrazak, Firas Kaddachi and Joaquim Bellmunt

45 Activity model for interactive micro context-aware well-being applications

Victor Manuel Ponce Diaz and Bessam Abdulrazak

12 Exploring Opportunistic Ambient Notifications in the Smart Home to Enhance Quality of Live

Andreas Seiderer, Chi Tai Dang and Elisabeth André

04 Ambient Assisted Robot Object Search

Dennis Sprute, Aljoscha Pörtner, Robin Rasch, Sven Battermann and Matthias König

46 Extracting Heartbeat Intervals using Self-Adaptive Method Based on Ballistocardiography(BCG)

Hongbo Ni, Mingjie He and Yalong Song